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Brake Upgrades

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Brake Upgrades



In order to install a GM Small block / LT1 / LS Series V8 in a 944, the power brake booster must be removed.

An adequate modification is necessary that will ensure proper, safe braking.


Relocating the master cylinder pushrod mounting position on the 944 brake pedal upwards increases the pedal to stroke

ratio, providing a slight compensation for the lack of vacuum assist. However, a manual master cylinder must be used.

The Wilwood #260-7563 tandem master cylinder is a relatively low-cost solution that provides adequate braking.



The best manual brake setup utilizes a Tilton dual master cylinder balance bar, although the BMW hydroboost,

as well as the aftermarket electric booster manufactured by ABSBrake, have proven to be successful.



Tilton 72-650 / 72-610 and Wilwood 340-4630 Dual Master Cylinder / Balance Bar         

Master Cylinder Sizing for LS430 / Boxster S Conversion ( 944T Brakes use similar setup )


Stock MC pushrod location...


4.25:1 Ratio:

FRONT MC = 5/8"

REAR MC = 15/16"

Estimated pedal pressure = 150 lbs.



+.75" MC pushrod relocation...


6:1 Ratio:

FRONT MC = 7/10"

REAR MC = 1.0"

Estimated pedal pressure = 80-90 lbs.



+1.1" MC pushrod relocation...

7.6:1 Ratio:

FRONT MC = 5/8"

REAR MC = 15/16"

Estimated pedal pressure = 80-90 lbs.


Using the stock MC pushrod location is possible, but is not advisable...Also, the 4.25:1 ratio will exert significantly greater stress

on the firewall. Relocating the pivot 3/4" upward has been proven to be a reliable and effective modification. 1.1" upward

relocation of the pivot point may result in a softer brake pedal, better suited to street applications only.

928 GTS "Big Blacks" Brake Upgrade





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